Vol 15 No 693 April 18 – April 25, 2014

It was the day the Mad Hatters came to Maun – and what a fun-filled occasion it was too at Matshwane Primary School. Children and parents rose to the occasion by wearing their most outrageous outfits and getting themselves body painted.

The protracted battle in which the Batawana tribe wants government to return ownership of the Moremi Game Reserve and Maun Educational Park to the tribe may end before the courts.

This revelation came during the launch of Tawana Moremi as… Continue reading

Residents of the Okavango sub-district have invited the Minister of Education and Skills Development to come and listen to their plea for the 2013 class from the Shakawe Senior Secondary School to be allowed to repeat. The residents routed their… Continue reading

A record three-day power outage that hit northern Botswana last week merely highlighted the crisis the national electricity utility, the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), has plunged the country in.

That it took three days to repair a destroyed pylon is… Continue reading

The next time you see a road scraper pressed into service to help with bush clearing, stop a moment and think of the consequences for a country so reliant on power.

The driver of a road scraper last week didn’t… Continue reading

Maun Chief Magistrate, Mompati Taolo, on Monday sentenced Mmoloki Mokopaneng of Thito ward in Maun to 18 months in prison for unlawful possession of marijuana.

Mokopaneng who was convicted earlier this year, told the court when mitigating for a lenient… Continue reading

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